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Technology of drinking water
protection from microbial contamination

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AquaVallis Products

AquaVallus offers new solutions and novel approaches to drinking water protection against microbial contaminants.

Filtering materials AquaVallis capture and retain viruses and bacteria with 100 % efficiency.

Replaceable filtering elements AquaVallis guarantee microbiological safety of water, remove iron and mechanical particles and provide high output capacity.

Household and industrial water filters AquaVallis have been specially developed to provide microbially safe water. Independently of whether your purification system is equipped with the finishing stage AquaVallis or you use a stand-alone or pipeline microbiological purifier AquaVallis, drinking water is protected from viruses, bacteria and parasites (including those tolerant to chlorine and high temperature) with high efficiency.

AquaVallis guarantees microbiological safety of drinking water and high output capacity. No expenses for electricity. No water loss at filtration. Low pressure drop in water pipe.

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